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B-Web is BANK OF AFRICA's online banking service specially tailored to meet your banking needs in a secure and convenient way. It is a reliable partner in the management of your daily cash flows and enables you improve on your productivity and maintain control over your finances.

B-Web presents an interface that provides you with the following features and benefits:

1. Management of Your Account Online

  • Security management (connection, joint signatures)
  • Cash management (consolidation, follow-up on cash position, balance accounts, manage cash balances)
  • Management of domestic and international transfers

2. Security Adapted To Your Needs

  • Your connection to the B-Web platform and signature for payments is protected by the best security solutions available on the market.
  • Securely input your password on a virtual keyboard that appears on your screen when logging in. In addition, you have access to a digital pass, a security element which protects your access through a secret code, generates a dynamic password, lasting only for a few seconds. A new password is generated at each use.

3. A Complete Report for Managing Your Daily Cashflow

  • Allows you to consult your global banking status through a synthesis of your global balances and bank accounts.
  • Enables multi-bank consolidation of your accounts.
  • Allows you to consult and print your account statements
  • Download account statements in file form which can be linked to your accounting software, making reconciliation easier.
  • Allows you to filter transactions on your accounts based on different criteria. I.e. date of transaction, amount, currency, or the type of deal.
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to real time account balances
  • Provides you with an instant email or SMS alerts on transactions made on your accounts.

4. 24/7 Fast and Reliable Transfer Services

  • Make domestic and international transfers in real time or for a future date
  • Balance your accounts
  • Manage your international and domestic beneficiaries (suppliers, insurance companies, government agencies, invoices, shareholders etc.)
  • Make salary transfers. This function allows you to send salary payment documents generated by your accounting software, to your bank

We are more than happy to assist you. Please sign-up for B-Web at any of our branches nationwide and bring yourself up to convenience and speed.