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Foreign Currency Account

This can be a savings or current account to host and facilitate the inflow of funds from abroad. This is available in the major currencies i.e. Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro and renminbi.


  • Filled Foreign currency account opening form
  • Proof of Identity (Voters’ ID, Drivers’ License, etc)
  • 1 passport size picture of the signatories to the account.
  • Proof of address: utility bill, directional map, etc.

        Business and organizations

  • Filled Foreign currency account opening form
  • Board or Trusteeship Resolution to open account with BOA-Ghana
  • Filled Signature card
  • 1 passport size Photos per signatory
  • 1 Valid ID per signatory

Verification of Business Registration/Incorporation documents

  • Proof of address (Utility bill, tenancy agreement , directional map etc) for Business and each signatory


  • Receive funds inflow from abroad
  • Make payments or transfer funds abroad.
  • Enjoy easy and convenient banking

Operating Rules

  • Currency:  USD, GBP, EUROS, Renminbi.
  • Account cannot be credited with forex obtained locally.
  • The minimum opening amount is:
  • $0.00 / €0.00, £0.00 for current and savings account.

Funds will be payable in GHS and or in hard currency at the bank’s discretion and at a fee