Our vision, mission & values

Our Vision

To be the preferred Bank to our chosen markets


Our Mission

To serve our customer with efficiency and courtesy.

To contribute to the development of all our stakeholders

To optimize the growth of BOA Group through synergies and common development plans.

To promote growth and stability of the economies we operate in.


Our Values


We seek to attain high standards of customer service, accountability, efficiency, respect and confidentiality. We endeavour to build long term mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. 


We strive to attain and maintain consistent high levels of honesty, fairness and openness with our stakeholders.

Team work

We aspire to build trust, strong relationship, encouragement and support for each other. We build a multi faceted organization where our diversity may be harnessed to work for the betterment of the common goal.


We are committed to continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services. We leverage on technology advances, encourage creativity and provide a platform for the generation and implementation of new ideas.

Staff Development 

Our staff is our most valued asset in achieving our goals. In recognition of this; we provide exceptional opportunities for learning and personal development. We recognize and reward excellent performance.

Customer Focused

We anticipate and understand our customer needs so as to offer imaginative solutions. We work with a sense of urgency and commitment and seize every opportunity to delight our customers. We continuously strive to perfect our processes in order to provide world class services.