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Ambition Savings Plan

The Ambitious Savings Plan is a traditional savings account backed by a current account.

It allows customers to accumulate a progressive savings depending on its financial capacity.

At the end of a period of 12 months minimum and 12 regular payments via standing order, the customer can benefit from a facility to finance a project (ambition). The loan amount is up to twice the amount accumulated via standing orders.



  • The Ambitious Savings Plan must always be backed by a current account with a Letter of Undertaking.
  • Savings, which will be the loan calculation base, must be constituted by 12 standing orders from the current account.
  • The customer chooses the amount of his standing order according to their project and his income (GHS 25.00 minimum).
  • Withdrawals are not allowed at all.
  • Savings Plan cannot be terminated before repayment of loan.
  • After repayment of loan, the customer can change the amount of his Standing Order.
  • Exceptional deposits are allowed but will not be used as part of the calculation of the loan amount
  • Interests are paid monthly.

Ambition Loan

  • The loan amount is equivalent to twice the amount saved and with a maximum DSR of 40% (whichever is lower).
  • Maximum loan amount is GHS 100.000.00
  • Maximum loan duration: 60 months
  • The customer can start another Ambitious Savings Plan while benefiting from the loan.
  • Ambition Insurance will be taken to insure against disability or death.

           (Price not included within the package fee)


  • Realize your ambition       
  • Earn attractive interest on your deposits
  • Access a loan      
  • Affordable and flexible repayment
  • Loans competitively priced

Documents to produce:

  • 1 passport size picture
  • Proof of identity (Voters’ ID, Drivers’ license, etc…)
  • Proof of address (Utility bill, tenancy agreement, directional map, etc…)
  • Letter of Undertaking and/or Scheme agreement
  • Last three pay slips and/or six months bank statements (when applying for a loan for the first time)

Copies must be supported by originals for verification.