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Elite Banking

Being « Elite » is a lifestyle! As an individual who expects no less than the highest standards of service combined with exclusive and luxurious surroundings at BANK OF AFRICA’s Elite Banking. We provide the perfect environment to keep you relaxed down to the minutest detail. We also provide 24-hour heightened security services, closed circuit TV cameras and private suites to help you transact your business in privacy and security. In keeping with our commitment to maintaining an award-winning level of unprecedented service and meticulous attention, our staff are no further than a moment’s notice. Besides being ready to facilitate your every need, timely and efficiently, we also intuitively know when to exercise confidentiality and discretion.


  1. Elite current account
  2. Elite Pearl account
  3. Elite Save
  4. Elite Kids and Teens Savings account

The Elite Banking department is segmented into two key areas namely;

Elite Banking which aims to provide world class customer-centric banking and financial solutions to discerning high net worth individuals; and Executive Banking which aims to provide world class banking for the middle to upper income group.

The department offers competitive value propositions involving convenience & gratification (Lifestyle proposition),Exclusivity (tailor-made products and services) and comfortable banking environment (dedicated lounges).