Strategic Business Unit

Business Center

At Bank of Africa, we have remodeled our distribution channels to include a Business Centre in order to deliver superior services to Corporate and Enterprise customers.

With the introduction of this innovative Business Centre, Corporate and Enterprise customers are served at a ‘One-Stop Shop’ designed and staffed with the needed skills to make your banking experience simpler and faster.

The aim is to ensure that we provide your business with the right service solutions, products and financial services to enable you to operate efficiently and profitably.

The Business Centre is designed to be an integrated channel to provide our customers the following services, amongst others, at one location:

  • Transactional Services (deposits, withdrawals, transfers, local and foreign transactions)
  • Trade Facilitation Services
  • Trade Finance (LCs among others)
  • Loans and advances
  • Investment Services (Fixed Deposits, Treasury Bills, Call Deposits)

Our Business Centre is well equipped with the convenience of having all your banking transactions done under one roof, quicker turnaround time and a dedicated pair of Relationship Manager and Relationship Officer.

Wholesale Banking

In line with our drive towards actively participating in and positively contributing to the economies we operate in, Bank of Africa’s Wholesale Banking Unit is at the forefront of providing products and financial services, towards delivering first class banking experience to various Public and Private Institutions and Corporations. This segment comprises:

  • Government and Public Institutions -MMDAs
  • Public Corporations and Quasi-Government Institutions
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Financial Institutions-Insurance Companies, Brokerage Firms, Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds,
    Pension Fund Trustees etc
  • Diplomatic Community (Embassies & High Commissions) and International Development Agencies
  • International, Domestic and Financial NGOs

We are well equipped to handle the sophistications and complexities underlying government and international transactions. Wholesale Banking also has a well-structured set up rendering support to MMDAs, Utility Companies, and Tertiary Institutions on cash management and collections which is designed to enable clients to efficiently manage their revenue collections.

The range of product offerings include but not limited to:

  • Projects and Fund Management
  • Bills and Fees Collections
  • Investments- FDs, Call Accounts
  • Project Finance including Loan Syndication
  • Transaction Banking – Transfers and Remittances
  • Short, Medium and Long Term Loans
  • Trade Finance – LCs, FX Forward Product
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects
  • Bancassurance Products
  • Bank guarantees- Performance Bonds, Advance mobilization guarantees, etc

We are poised to growing along with our valued customers and share in their aspirations and expectations of a customer-centric approach to doing business through our well trained relationship banking team.


Bank of Africa operates as a Dealer for Government of Ghana (GoG) securities (T-Bills, Treasury Notes and Bonds) and other investment instruments including fixed and call deposits, etc. The Bank executes its investment management functions through its Treasury Department. The Department caters for both local and foreign investors.


The prime focus of our Retail Banking Department is to provide a full range of banking and financial services to the lower-end of the SME and individuals. A well-trained and motivated sector-based relationship management team works with our existing and potential customers to understand their business and personal needs and provide innovative solutions for their banking and financial needs. To further carve our niche as a customer focused bank, Bank of Africa adopted the Customer First Model where customers have the advantage of a one stop –shop service in the banking halls. This is further exemplified by the introduction of five bespoke customer first products which are unique in nature in Ghana and most part of Africa.

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