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WARI is an international CASH-TO-CASH FUNDS TRANSFER with the aim to meet basic financial services in a cash-based economy.
WARI is the brand name for the entire platform, it is meant to cater for the needs of the unbanked population.
WARI offers 14 types of services and is operational in 25 countries. The WARI Money Transfer Platform is operational worldwide and can be accessed in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Product Benefits:

  • Anyone in Ghana can receive funds easily from within Ghana and abroad through WARI
  • It enables customers to send funds easily within Ghana
  • It offers convenience to customers due to accessibility and speed   
  • The receiver can collect remittance at any of BOA's business offices nationwide.
  • No charges for the receiver.  Sender pays a fee set by WARI per value of remittance.
  • No bank account required by the sender or receiver

The Product Features include:

  • Domestic receipt of funds (Payout to Customers)
  • Sending of funds (Transferring of Funds)
  • Receipt of funds from Abroad ONLY
  • Available in Italy and USA