Kids & Teens Savings Account


The Savings account is a standard savings account in GHS, designed for individual customers only. Ghanaian individuals or non-nationals living in Ghana.
This product feature comes with an ATM card and no chequebook.
Please refer to the tariff guide for the minimum amount of deposit


Filled Savings Account opening form.
1 passport picture each for child and parent/guardian respectively.
A copy of child’s weighing card, baptismal card or passport.
Where parents or guardian is not a customer, other additional documents will be required.
Proof of address (utility bill not older than 3 months/ tenancy agreement/ directional map)
Copies must be supported by originals for verification.


Account opening: Free

Change of account credentials: Free

Commission on Turnover: 0%

Account closing: Free


Individuals less than18 years

Non blacklisted individuals

KYC compliant

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Ways To Apply

Complete the KITSAC Savings Account form and get a relationship manager contact you.

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We have client services personnel standing by to take your call. Call a branch and we will take you through the account opening.

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