Bank of Africa empowers best female student of Globen School with internship opportunity

Bank of Africa has offered the overall best student of the Globen School a Junior Internship opportunity with the Bank.

This presentation was made during the school’s 11th Graduation and Speech and Prize Giving day celebration which took place on Saturday, 11th December 2021, under the theme, “Educational Revolution amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Anthony Afful, the school has invested heavily into the digitalization of its systems to facilitate smooth teaching and learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also commended the Bank of Africa for its great customer services, continuous support to the school, and always introducing innovative products and services to assist the school to achieve its paperless agenda.

One such innovative product, according to him, is the BOAPay, the Bank’s online School Fees Collection Platform. BOAPay offers parents the flexibility of paying fees of their wards remotely on their phones or computers using either their Mobile Money wallets or, Credit or Debit cards.

He was full of delight as he expressed his satisfaction that parents no longer had to travel to the school cash office or visit the Bank to pay fees. “With the upsurge of robberies, the school is relieved of the daunting task of handling cash”, he said. He encouraged other private schools to consider the BOAPay from Bank of Africa.

Mr. Michael Kwesi Attah, the Manager of the Kwashieman Branch of Bank of Africa, announced the Bank’s decision to offer the overall best student an internship opportunity and also presented an undisclosed amount of money to the student. In his speech, he said, “The internship offer is to introduce the student to the corporate world at an early age and also to guide her in her career choice”.

He indicated that the Bank, is committed to promoting gender equality and sees this as the best opportunity to empower her with the needed support and environment to decide on her future career.

He indicated that, “this is not the first time the Bank is doing something like this neither will it be the last. We are prepared and ever ready to support education in the country in whatever way we can”.

Mr. Attah encouraged parents to save and invest in the future of their wards.

He also took the opportunity to introduce the Bank’s Kids and Teens Savings Account, as well as the BOA Assured Child Education Policy to the parents.

The BOA Assured Child Education Policy, he explained, provides secure financial preparations to finance various stages of educating a child whether the parents are dead, permanently disabled, or alive.

The Bank also offers internship opportunities for children whose parents sign onto the Kids and Teens Savings Account.

Miss Sameera Umaru, the overall best student, thanked the Bank for the generous offer and stated that she is, “excited and looked forward to learning about the banking system”.

Her parents were equally grateful for the kind gesture of the Bank.

They promised to invest with the Bank which would be used to support their daughter in the next stage of her academic journey.