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B-Mobile is a mobile phone banking service that allows subscribers to use their mobile phones to access their bank account information, receive debit/ credit alerts and statements via SMS; check balances and transactions by browsing a simple mobile enabled website; conduct basic operations via a menu; or transfer funds and pay bills using an application on any GPRS enabled phone.

Services on B-Mobile

  1. Access banks account(s):

The service allows subscribers to access their bank account balances and transaction details and history.

2.        Airtime top up payments:
This service affords subscribers the luxury of topping-up their mobile credit for a number of mobile networks either for themselves or for third parties. A further option provides the functionality to pay for post-paid telephone bills on some mobile networks.

3.        Intra and interbank transfers:
B-Mobile has the functionality to transfer funds internally from a subscriber primary account to other accounts as well as from a subscribers account to the account of a non-subscriber

4.        Utility Bill and merchant Payments:
Subscribers of B-Mobile would be able to use the platform to pay for the following utility services:

  1. Postpaid electricity bills from the Ghana Electricity Company Limited
  2. Water bills from the Ghana Water Company
  3. DSTV and GO TV bills from Multichoice Ghana limited


  1. It allows customers the opportunity to view all their transactions and balances
  2. It is fast, easy and secure way of Paying Merchants.
  3. This is a unique proposition which saves cost to the customers (instead of contacting a call center).

It improves revenue generations for Merchants on the banks books through loyalty, and cross-selling.