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Banking does not have to be stressful. Your account should be accessible at all times, every day. BANK OF AFRICA’s internet banking platform, BOAweb, offers you a convenient and secure way to manage your finances online.

On BOAweb, you can:
•   Perform instant transfers between BOA accounts
•   Transfer funds to other bank accounts
•   Perform International transfers
•   Make statutory payments eg SSNIT, Income Tax
•   Perform bulk transfers and pay salaries
•   View, download and print account statements
•   View real time balances on all bank accounts
•   Request for cheque books
•   Mobile money transfers
•   Set up standing orders
•   And many more

Customers in the Corporate and SME sectors can request for controls on their accounts with particular access privileges. For example, a Company can instruct the Bank to grant only Initiator access to its Accountant. This means that any transfer made by the Accountant would require the consent of another individual/approver to be effective.

BANK OF AFRICA has put in place security measures to ensure that the personal and financial information of customers are protected. BOAweb comes with enhanced security courtesy of the multi-factor authentication required while logging on, signing payments and creating beneficiaries etc. The multi-factor authentication is now effected by a verification code sent by mail or generated.

Click here to go to the BOAweb user guide.

  1.  Why am I unable to view my account balance on BOAweb?
    Customers should be able to view account balances on BOAweb. Any report contrary to this by a customer would be because of an incomplete registration and should be reported to the Bank for immediate resolution.
  2. Can I pay utility bills using BOAweb?
  3. Are the transfers instant?
    Transfers between BOA Accounts are instant. However, domestic transfers to another bank take one working day. Because transfers done on BOAweb do not require human intervention, the Bank will not call you to confirm the transfer. Customers are advised to protect their passwords. Learn how to make international transfers.
  4. What happens when I forget my password?
    If the customer remembers his/her log-on ID, there is the option to reset your password. To reset your password, click on Forgot Password.
    Customers who do not remember their log-on ID should please contact their Relationship Officers for assistance. You can equally contact us on 0302249690 or send a mail to [email protected].
  5. Can a customer change his/her log-on ID?
    Yes, customer can change their log on IDs to a preferred name or nickname. Click here to learn how to change your log-on ID.
  6. What are the charges for using the BOAweb platform?
    Please refer to our tariff guide for the updated charges.
  7. Are charges on transactions performed on BOAweb any different from doing the same in the banking hall?
    Yes, Charges on transactions performed on BOAweb are lower than when you go to perform the transaction at the banking hall.
  8. How do I pay salaries on BOAweb?
    Click here to see the steps for paying salaries.
  9. Can I pay my SSNIT and other taxes on BOAweb?
    Yes, you can. Click here to see the steps on how to pay your statutory payments on BOAweb.

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