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Do you have an account at BANK OF AFRICA and would you like to keep track of your account transactions online in a secure manner? Would you like to transfer funds in a few clicks?

BANK OF AFRICA – GHANA has just the simple and secure solution for you. BOAweb is BANK OF AFRICA’s online banking service specially tailored to meet your banking needs in a secure and convenient way. BOAweb enables you to access your accounts and transfer funds securely, anytime, anywhere.

With BOAweb you can:
Have a global view all your account(s) as well as a consolidated balance position in the case of more than one account
Keep track of all movements in your account(s) on a daily basis search, download and print your account statements
Transfer funds between your accounts in the bank and to other accounts locally and internationally
Manage funds transfer templates (save, edit and delete)

In addition to the above, Corporate and SME customers can also:
Make payments in bulk; batch upload of payments
Multi-level signature approval management based on pre-defined user profiles with specific access rights

Enhanced Security
BOAweb comes with enhanced security courtesy of the multi-factor authentication required at: log-in, signing of payments and creation of beneficiaries
As a replacement of Digipass, multi-factor authentication is now effected by a verification code sent by SMS/e-mail or generated by either of these 2 authentication applications: Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

How to sign up
Visit any of our branches where our Relationship Customers are available and ready to answer all your questions and assist with registration for the service.

BOA account holder
New customers should complete an application form and sign the terms and conditions at any BANK OF AFRICA branch
During this transition period, customers who are already B-Web users should log in to the new portal and accept the terms and conditions of the service
Click here, to go to the BOAweb user guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the BOAweb work?
BOAweb is an internet banking application for Bank of Africa.

i. Like all other internet banking applications, it requires a user ID and a password to be able to log in. There is also the option of a google authenticator or Microsoft authenticator as an added layer of security.

• BOAweb enables the customer to undertake the following activities:
ii. Check Account balances
iii. Payment file upload (Bulk payments)
iv. Funds transfers: between accounts, internal funds transfers, domestic or interbank local transfers, and international funds transfers.
v. Statement Downloads
vi. Cheque Book requests
vii. Manage Beneficiaries
viii. Set Standing Orders and recurring payments.

2. How secure is BOAweb?
BOAweb is an international platform that is highly secured and recognized by the BOA Group and other banks so we can trust its security. So far there hasn’t been any reported case of fraud using BOAweb.
The login keyboard is virtual and rotates the keyboard numbers so it will be difficult for somebody to trail the position of your password unlike keying your PC keyboard for security reasons.

3. Why am I unable to view my account balance on BOAweb?
Customers should be able to view account balances on BOAweb.
• Any report contrary to this by a customer would be because of an incomplete registration and this should be reported to the Bank (Branch Operations Dept.) for immediate resolution.

4. Why can’t I have a full view of my transactions in my account?
All account transactions reflect on your bank statement on BOAweb within a timeline of t+1. Thus, all past transactions should reflect on your BOAweb account statement except for transactions done on the same day.

5. Can I pay utility bills using BOAweb?

6. Are the transfers instant?
• No, transfers are not instant or what we call ‘straight through’.
• Transfer requests made by customers are received by E-Business as a message request who in turn will reprocess within 24hrs of a working day. Transfers done after 5pm on Friday or during the weekend will be processed during the next working or business day (for instance if you make a transfer on Friday at 5pm it will be done on Monday).
• The comfort with this approach is that we get the opportunity to do a call back on transactions that fall outside the threshold, which is GHS2,000 and above)

7. Can I use BOAweb for interbank transfers?

8. What happens when I forget my password?
There is the option to reset your own password if customer remembers his/her User ID.
If he/she does not remember the User ID, one must send a mail to his/her RO who will forward the request to the Branch Operations Department to reset the password and inform the customer afterward.

9. What are the charges in using the BOAweb platform?
Please refer to our Tariff Guide for the updated charges.

10. Can I use BOAweb to move funds from my accounts to other accounts outside Ghana?
Yes, that is the international payments tab

11. Are charges on transactions performed on BOAweb any different from doing the same in the banking hall?
Yes, depending on the type of transaction

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